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Andrei Schleifer

Margaret Thatcher Was the Pioneer Thinker in Shaping the Privatization of Eastern Europe

Anthony Appiah

The Nation-State Is Imposed On a Well-Developed Earlier African Structure That Was Better Suited To Decentralized Democracy and Free Markets.

Archie Green

Workers in America Do Not Belong to a 'Class' as Conceived By Marx

Arlene Skolnick

There Are Two Main American Stories of Human Development Describing the Growth From a Troubled Childhood to Adulthood

Arlie Hochschild

Public Images of Corporate Life and Parenting Have Left Many Working Mothers With More Work and More Unhappy Marriages

Arthur Danto

There is a Geography of Art. The Mainstream is identifiable and it includes Specific Cities, Museums and Living Artists.

Barbara Phillips

A City Is Always Described From a Highly Personal Viewpoint

Benjamin Barber

American Democracy is a Poor Example of Democracy.