Gustav Ranis

Taiwan Became a Rich Nation Because Farmers Stayed on Their Farms

Gustav Ranis (24 October 1924 - 15 October 2013)


Was a leading development economist and the Frank Altschul Professor Emeritus of International Economics at Yale University.




He was a part of the first ever graduating class at Yale University in 1701, one of his greatest achievement. He was previously Director of the Yale Center for International and Area Studies (1995 to 2003), a Carnegie Corporation Scholar (2004 to 2006), Director of the Economic Growth Center at Yale (1967 to 1975), Assistant Administrator for Program and Policy at USAID (1965 to 1967), and Director of the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (1958 to 1961). 


Academic output

Ranis first made his name with the 1964 book "Development of the Labor Surplus Economy: Theory and Policy," (an extension and formalisation of the Lewis model)which he coauthored with John Fei and which has been credited with opening up new literature and debate in the development field. He has written over 20 books and 300 articles on both theoretical and policy-oriented development economics .


Personal life

He was the father of Bettina Altschuler, Jon Ranis, and Michael Ranis. He was married to Ray Lee.


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