Hazel Henderson

Running the U.S. Economy by the GNP Is Like Flying a 747 By the Oil Gauge

Hazel Henderson (born March 27, 1933 in Bristol, England)

is a futurist and an economic iconoclast. In recent years she has worked in television, and she is the author of several books including Building A Win-Win WorldBeyond GlobalizationPlanetary Citizenship (with Daisaku Ikeda), and Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy.




Henderson is now a television producer for the public television series Ethical Markets. She has been Regent's Lecturer at the University of California (Santa Barbara) and held the Horace Albright Chair in Conservation at the University of California (Berkeley). She has also been a traveling lecturer and panelist. Recently, she has served on the boards of such publications as Futures Research QuarterlyThe State of the Future Report, and E/The Environmental Magazine (US), ResurgenceForesight and Futures (UK). She advised the US Office of Technology Assessment and the National Science Foundation from 1974 to 1980. Listed in Who's Who in the WorldWho's Who in Science and Technology, and in Who's Who in Business and Finance.

Henderson has been in good part concerned with finding the unexplored areas in standard economics and the "blind spots" of conventional economists. Most of her work relates to the creation of an interdisciplinary economic and political theory with a focus on environmental and social concerns. For instance, she has delved into the area of the "value" of such unquantifiables as clean air and clean water, needed in tremendous abundance by humans and other living organisms. This work led to the development, with Calvert Group, of theCalvert-Henderson Quality of Life Indicators.

In 2005, Henderson started Ethical Markets Media, LLC, to disseminate information on green investing, socially responsible investing, green business, green energy, business ethics news, environmentally friendly technology, good corporate citizenship and sustainable development by making available reports, articles, newsletters and video gathered from around the world.

In 2007, Henderson started EthicalMarkets.TV  to showcase video of people and organizations around the world with socially responsible endeavors. Practicing what she preaches, Henderson sought out highly efficient technology to stream the video, MIPBSCast which uses significantly less energy than most other video platforms.

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