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Lawrence Stone

From the Time of Shakespeare to Dickens, the Average English Husband Had Casual Sex with Servants at Will and Left His Wife by "moving on" to the next county

Malcolm Margolin

These People Still Live Among Us and See the Hawks

Michael L. Smith

In 1969, the Only Place the American Flag Could Be Erected Without Being Torn Down Was on the Moon

Nathan Tarcov

The Founding Fathers Were Divided on the Same Foreign Policy Issues That We Struggle With Today

Norman F. Cantor

An Incipient Women's Movement Can Be Found in 12th Century Europe With Clear Ideology and Political and Economic Demands.

Paul M. Kennedy

The U.S. is Economically Suffering the Result of Over-Extension of Its Military in the Cold War

Robert Darnton

The Pornography of Pre-Revolution France Was a Primary Vehicle for Transmitting Enlightenment Ideas

Stephan Greenblatt

Columbus Set Sail with Concepts and Metaphors that Gave Him and Spain Rights in the New World