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Bernard Foure

There Is a Distinct Structure To The Academic and Civil Dialogues Of Our Era And We Are Capable Of Discerning It

David Hollinger

Multiculturism, Based on Ethnicity and Race, Is Now An Accepted Fact of American Life, Replacing The Idea of a Universal Society With Only Religious Differences

Eviatar Zerubavel

Why Do We East Herring But Not Goldfish, Duck But Not Parrot? Why is a Hamburger With Cheese a Cheeseburger But With Lettuce its Not a Lettuceburger?

Fran Peavey

Asking The Right Question Can Help People To Understand Their Social Roles and Responsibilities

Frank Zimring

The Idea That Simple, Feasible Gun Control Can Reduce Violence in America Is Wrong

George Lakoff

The Metaphors We Live By linguist

Jack Katz

Emotional Needs Are Often The Driving Force in Violent Crime

Jane Tompkins

professor of English