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Gary Gaumer

Our Definition of What Health is and What Health Needs Are Is Steadily Expanding

Harvey Mansfield

Enlightened Self-Interest is not a Sufficient Primary Value On Which to Build a Liberal Society --We also need passions and aspirations

Henry Aaron

Medicine Swamps Us With New Technology and We Keep Wanting More

Ira Jackson

Government Employees Can Be Enthusiastic and Very Competent

Jerry Berman

Our Rights of Privacy Are Being Protected Because of the Profit Needs of Electronic Mail Companies.

Jerry Hagstrom

The TV Campaign Techniques Used By Political Candidates in the U.S. Are Spreading Around the World

Joan Wallach Scott

The Idea of Universal Human Values Presents a Serious Problem for Feminists Because the Universal Representative is a White Male

John Gardner

One of the Knottiest Problems in Our Society Is the Financial and Political Independence of Suburbs From Their Core Cities