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Arlie Hochschild

Public Images of Corporate Life and Parenting Have Left Many Working Mothers With More Work and More Unhappy Marriages

Claude S. Fischer

The Idea That Technology Is a Driving Force in Shaping Social Behavior Is Wrong Based on the History of the Telephone. In 1909 AT&T Advertised the New Telephone "Highway".- Early forecasts about the phone match current exaggerated forcasts about the internet

Eviatar Zerubavel

Why Do We East Herring But Not Goldfish, Duck But Not Parrot? Why is a Hamburger With Cheese a Cheeseburger But With Lettuce its Not a Lettuceburger?

Glenn Carroll

Looking At Business Survival Over 200 Years We Find The Determinants Are Mostly Historic Accident and Inertia

Herman Gray

Television is a Cultural Arena in Which Social and Political Values Vie for Position

Jack Katz

Emotional Needs Are Often The Driving Force in Violent Crime

James Beniger

In Our Society More Effective Controls Mean More EconomicGrowth.

John Irwin

Crime Becomes a Political Focus When More Important Issues Are Too Difficult For the Electorate to Face