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Frank Ostaseski

Dying Can Be a Fullfilling Process for the Individual But It Would Have to Reflect "Progress", in Some Way, to Be Valued in Our Society

Gene Burns

The Catholic Church Appears to Contradict Itself On Social Welfare Issues and Sexual Politics.

Jeffrey Stout

The Moral Issues of Everyday Life are Not Addressed in Popular or Academic Discourse on Morals

Martin Marty

Fundamentalism Began to Have New Problems As It Filled Its Political Wish List

Norman Fischer

Zen Practice Can Make a Contribution To The Way We "Work" in Contemporary America

Rabbi Alan Lew

When Judaism Faced an Historic Chasm, New Rituals and New Institutions Were Developed and Then Cloaked in "Tradition"

Rita Gross

Buddhist Teaching Uses Images of Androgyny, but Men Have Held Power for Centuries

Robert Aitken

Social Action and Affinity Groups Are Part of Buddhist Tradition.