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William Domhoff

The Elite Who Rule America Believe That Wealth and Power Are Rewards for Their Competence

William Galston

The American Concept Of 'We The People' Has Changed and Now Reflects a Political Disintegration

William H Whyte

When Corporations Move To The Suburbs They Usually Locate Near The Chairman's Home

William Julius Wilson

Work is the Organizing Principal of Urban Daily Life. It Organizes Family and Values- In the urban black ghetto, work has largely disappeared for males

William McDonough

Our World is Faced With a Major Design Flaw. There is No Validity to Products Designed To End Up As Waste

Yaakov Garb

Metaphors Shape Our Vision of Nature

Yael Zerubavel

History is Shaped by Present Day Political Values, Even When There is Only One Documented Source for the Event Itself.- Masada is a good example