Douglas Lummis

The Japanese People are Overwhelmingly Against Their Government on the Issue of Militarism

C. Douglas Lummis is a writer

Former professor at Tsuda College in Tokyo and former U.S. Marine.




Lummis was born in 1936 in San Francisco. He attended UC Berkeley on a Navy ROTC contract, and later did three years active duty in the Marines - the last year in Okinawa. He retired from teaching at Tsuda College in 2000.

Lummis' writings - many of which concern Japan's relationship to the United States - are extremely critical of US foreign policy. His works include the books Radical Democracy, A New Look at The Chrysanthemum and the Sword and Japan's Radical Constitution. He has also published numerous pieces in journals such as The Nation and Japan Focus.


Critical Reception


Susan Sontag has called Lummis "one of the most thoughtful, honorable, and relevant intellectuals writing about democratic practice anywhere in the world," while Karel van Wolferen has referred to him as an "eminent observer of the American-Japanese vassalage relationship."

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