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Arthur Danto

There is a Geography of Art. The Mainstream is identifiable and it includes Specific Cities, Museums and Living Artists.

Chris Hardman

New Theater Uses Stereo Earphones For Each Member Of the Audience, The New Magic Removes Nearly All The Traditonal Boundaries Between Producer, Actor and Audience

Clare Cooper Marcus

We Are Far Behind Scandinavia in Housing For Single Parents

David Denby

In a Media Saturated World We Have Become Dwellers In a Permanent Spectacle -- A Giant Circus

Herman Gray

Television is a Cultural Arena in Which Social and Political Values Vie for Position

Howard Hersh

The Reason We Don't Have Names and Categories for the New Music is That the Living Composers are Creating from a Wide Context that Itself is too Complex to Name

Kazuaki Tanahashi

Artists Behave According to the Expectations of Their Culture

Kenneth Baker

The Role of Art Critic in The Civil Dialog About Art Is To Be a Public Example of An Art Viewer