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Agnes Heller

America Was Born Modern, Without A Great Narrative History and with Future of Free Choice --- Post-modernity Fits America

Bernard Williams

Much of Our Moral Life and Sense of Justice Derives From the Experiences of Shame and Guilt

Catherine Elgin

Without Religious Certainty, We Can Still Know What Is Right

Diane Beeson

The Reason Bioethics Presents Many Dilemmas Is Our Refusal To Confront Underlying Social Forces That Create Dilemas.

Jacob Needleman

The Meaning of Life Is Becoming a More Urgent Question in Public Debate

John Searle

We Do Not Have to Choose Human Society as the By-Product of, Biologically Limited Brains or as a Social Construct

Leslie Lipson

Ethical Systems Exist Without Religions, But Amero- European Societies Mistakenly and Unfortunately Confuse the Two

Richard Rorty

A Successful Relativist Society Can be Built on Each Individual's Sense of Irony