• Michael Phillips"Michael Phillips, Producer of Social Thought."
  • Paul Saffo Futurist"A technology takes 30 years to go from 'gee whiz' to a solid industry."
  • Richard Rorty Philosopher"A successful relativist society can be built on each individual's sense of irony."
  • Steven J. Gould Paleontologist"Fate and Destiny are not ideas in evolutionary history."
  • Wendy Doniger American Indologist"India's religions have much to teach about the meaning of evil."
  • Elaine Scarry Professor of Esthetics"One person can be suffering internal pain while no other person around her is aware of it."
Michael Phillips1 Paul Saffo Futurist2 Richard Rorty Philosopher3 Steven J. Gould Paleontologist4 Wendy Doniger American Indologist5 Elaine Scarry Professor of Esthetics6

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Michael Phillips of Social Thought, a U.S. public radio program from 1988 to 1998 and worldwide on the Armed Forces Radio produced  300 half-hour MP3s Interviews of leading experts, teachers, lecturers and authors of our era. Truly a unique experience to those interested in learning and sharing the wealth of knowledge these people have to offer.

This information would be helpful for students in their studies, research information for papers or for people like me who are just interested in expanding their view of the world and society in general. Social Thought Radio provides a unique opportunity to learn by simply listening. Our site is mobile ready and can be viewed from any device.

Michael Phillips

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Anthony Appiah

The Nation-State Is Imposed On a Well-Developed Earlier African Structure That Was Better Suited To Decentralized Democracy and Free Markets.

Brian Arthur

Traditional economics may no longer be relevant to the contemporary business environment.

Charles Benbrook

Tomatoes From Florida Use Ten Times the Pesticide as Those From California

George Ayittey

Is there an economic future for most of Africa?

Irma Adelman

To Change From a Developing Agrarian Nation into a Newly Industrial Country Requires That Farmers Be Consumers of Domestic Industrial Output.

Jonathan Adler

Environmental Teaching To Children is No Longer Science, It Has Become Ideology.

Margo Adair

American Cultural Norms Cause Individuals To Filter Out That Which is Most Meaningful -- Leaving Alientation Fragmentation.

Peter Berg

It is a Wonderful Surprise to See Many Bioregional Prophecies Coming True.