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Dick Godown

The Battle for Legislative and Regulatory Victory is Carried Out With Metaphor. The Biotechnology Lobby Has Prevailed

John R. Stilgoe

As Our Young Generation Becomes More Flabby, the Beach Becomes a Less Desirable Place to Visit

Margaret MacKenzie

The Medical Community Can Reduce A Client's Weight in Only 5% of All Cases, Yet Everyone Blames the Client For the Failure

Mary Clark

Our Political and Economic Systems Don't Reflect the Cooperative Nature of Our Biological Heritage

Michael Moffatt

Anthropology is More Cautious Than Ever About What Observers Can See and Understand in Another Culture

Ronald David

The Primary Determinant of Individual Health is Social Fabric -- Friends and Family. More Medical Technology Does Nothing

Ruth Hubbard

Is There a One on One Connection Between a Gene and Its Expression?

Sonya Yoerg

We Now Find That All Known Animals Have to Be Carefully Trained In Their Infant and Juvenile Stage In Order to Survive