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Anthony Appiah

The Nation-State Is Imposed On a Well-Developed Earlier African Structure That Was Better Suited To Decentralized Democracy and Free Markets.

Dorothy Bryant

The End of The Cold War May Have Left Us With a More Complex World To Deal With -- We May Become Nostalgic For the US-Russia Polarity

Douglas Lummis

The Japanese People are Overwhelmingly Against Their Government on the Issue of Militarism

Edward Said

The Common English Word 'Oriental' Incorporates an Entir Ideology of Greed and Colonialism

Francis Fukuyama

Economic Productivity is Closely Related to Social Characteristics, Most of All: Trust

Francis Stewart

Current Third World Development Programs Bring the Wrong Capital and Increase Dependence

George Ayittey

Is there an economic future for most of Africa?

Gregory Noble

The Only Three Countries With Effective Post-War Land Reform Are the Fastest Growing Nations: Japan, South Korea and Taiwan