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Archie Green

Workers in America Do Not Belong to a 'Class' as Conceived By Marx

Arlene Skolnick

There Are Two Main American Stories of Human Development Describing the Growth From a Troubled Childhood to Adulthood

David Landes

Some Nations, Such as Switzerland, Benefit From Technological Change More Than Others

Gavin Langmuir

Anti-Semitism Is a Part of the Larger History Anti-Judaism

George M. Frederickson

The Ideology of Race is Very Different Between African-Americans and South African Blacks -- Identity/Separation vs. All One People

Howard Margolis

When the Pope Censored Galileo, He Got Unintended Long- Term Policy Results for His Church

Joyce Appleby

Much of Our Perception of the Contemporary Economic World is Based on Ideology That Pre-Dates Adam Smith.

Lani Silver

Survivors of the Holocaust Seldom Find Friends or Family Willing to Listen to Their Stories