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Darlene Cohen

Efforts to Ignore Pain and to Cover it with Distraction Are Counter -Productive, and So Is the New Age Motif of "Accepting" It

David Schwartz

Little Progress in Moving Education From an Industrial Model to a Personal One

Howard Gardner

1. The Best Students Can Graduate Without Understanding Their Core Material
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Howard Gardner

A Successful Leader, Such as Gandhi, Has a Story/ a Narrative That Draws Followers and The Leader Exemplifies the Story.

Lyn Fine

We Would Do Well To Think of American Teenagers Killing Each Other As an Environment of War -- There Are Similar Causes

Morris Berman

From an Early Age, Our World view is Shaped by Our Identity as We See It Reflected in Mirrors.

Norman Birnbaum

The Intellectual Landscape of Politics and Sociology Cry Out For A New John Dewey.

Richard Rubenstein

Conflict Resolution Is An Alternative to The Ineffectiveness of Power Battles And Legal Adjudication