Gail Pheterson

Society Punishes Prostitutes As A Warning to All Women Who Act Independently

Gail Pheterson


Having obtained in 1974 a PhD (doctorate) in social psychology at the University of California , Gail Pheterson then held a teaching position-researcher in psychology at the University of Utrecht . It is, since 1997, a lecturer at the University of Picardie Jules Verne in Amiens , and since 2008, teacher-researcher CRESPPA-CSU. During a period of delegation to the University of Puerto Rico , she has conducted research in the sociology of reproductive health in the Caribbean, which were part of the broader scope of its HDR supported in 2005: Social relations of power and psychic functioning: clinical and socio-cultural studies of prejudice, stigma and change processes. It has gradually developed an epistemological critique that crops psychological problems, both theoretical and methodological, requiring the study of the impact of social power relations on the psyche, and analyzing the ideological function of bias ahistorical and -political psychologizing interpretations of social dynamics.

In the general context of his interest in the internalization and institutionalization of social norms in specific historical and cultural contexts, it has focused on the regulation of prostitution andreproduction as a prism of gender relations



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