John Tepper-Marlin

A City's Health Depends on Civic Cohesion

John Tepper Marlin, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor of Business Ethics
Stern School of Business, NYU
[email protected]
Cell 646-250-4915
Office Hours, Mondays 4-5 pm
KMC 10-179

Dr. Marlin is an early pioneer in the theory and measurement of corporate environmental and social responsibility. He is also an expert on the economies of New York City and other large cities. He has written 15 commercially published books on cities and their metrics. Before starting CityEconomist in 2006, he was Chief Economist and Senior Policy Adviser in the Office of the New York City Comptroller for more than 13 years, spanning three New York City Mayors and Comptrollers. He prepared official estimates of the economic impact of both the 1993 and 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.

In Spring 2007 he teaches with Prof. Bruce Buchanan an MBA-level course on "Branding and Corporate Social Responsibility" in the Marketing Department and the Markets, Ethics & Law Program at the Stern School. A graduate of Harvard (A.B. cum laude), Oxford (BA, MA) and George Washington (Ph.D. in economics) Universities, he served as an economist for five years with the Federal Reserve Board, SBA and FDIC in Washington, DC. He then taught at Baruch College, City University of New York, and served as President/CEO of the Council on Municipal Performance and JTM Reports. He is Treasurer of the British Schools and Universities Foundation and other organizations and is past President of the New York Association for Business Economics. He blogs for the Huffington Post. Longer cv here.

Corporate Branding and the Environment This is Chapter 3 of a text on Branding CSR and includes short cases on four of the companies or NGOs visiting the class - National Envelope, Tiffany & Co. (and the Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices), Chiquita and Rainforest Alliance.

Branding the Workplace This is Chapter 4 of the text and includes the cases for the remaining guest speakers, i.e., Amy Hall of Eileen Fisher on April 16; and Dan Henkle of Gap Inc. and Alice Tepper Marlin of SAI and SA8000 on April 30.

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