Michael Doyle

Consensus Comes From Having a Common Memory


Michael Doyle

is an innovative thinker, executive, software designer, and information architect. He has been a pioneer in the field of group facilitation, organizational change, community visioning, collaborative problem solving, and the development and management of task-oriented groups and teams. For over 30 years, he has been a strategic planner and consultant to senior management in Fortune 500, education, government, and the arts on organizational change and innovation - often forming collaborative teams with colleagues in dealing with difficult, large-scale organizational or societal renewal projects.

As one of the founding fathers of collaborative approaches to groups and co-inventor of meeting facilitation in the early 1970s, he is co-author of the best selling book on groups, How to Make Meetings Work, and has published over 70 monographs and articles on planning, visioning, facilitation, and change management. He has been interviewed on radio, television and is quoted in many newspaper and magazine articles. Also, he has written several training films on facilitating groups and meetings. Most recently he was featured in the film Beyond the Dots, a documentary on organizational visioning. He has also been featured in the PBS radio series on Michael Phillips’ Social Thought where his topic was “Consensus Comes from Having a Common Memory.”

He has been past chairman of Interaction Associates, The Soft Bicycle Company, Saybrook Graduate School of Humanistic Psychology, The Rollo May Institute and The Environment Workshop. He has served as a board member of The North Face and The Arthur Andersen Community Learning Center and as an associate at Synergos Institute.

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