Norman Birnbaum

The Intellectual Landscape of Politics and Sociology Cry Out For A New John Dewey.

Norman Birnbaum (born July 21, 1926) is an American sociologist. He is an emeritus professor at the Georgetown University Law Center, and a member of the editorial board of The Nation. He was educated in New York City's public schools, at Williams College, and has a doctorate in sociology from Harvard University. He has taught at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Oxford University, the University of Strasbourg, Amherst College, and served on the Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research.


Birnbaum's academic work included the introduction of sociology to the undergraduate curricula at Amherst and Oxford. A member of the founding editorial board of New Left Review, he has been active in politics on both sides of the Atlantic He has been an advisor to American trade unions and members of Congress, as well as to a number of social movements and political parties in Europe. He contributes regularly to a number of publications, including Open Democracy, El País in Spain, and the German daily Tageszeitung. He is currently writing a memoir.

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