Tom Athanasiou

The Ecology Movement Is Full of Distractions: Population, Pollution, Technology -- The Real Issue Is The Global Division of Rich and Poor.

Tom Athanasiou is a long-time left-green writer and critic. More particularly, he is a former physics student turned social ecologist, a former programmer turned software manager, a technology analyst, a climate and climate-justice activist. His first book (as a ghost writer) was Mind Over Machine, an early critique of artificial-intelligence technology and its pretentions. His current interests focus on social protection and distributive justice in the context of global ecological emergency. This interest is national as well as global; Tom is interested in class division as well as North / Southinequality. He is the author or co-author of numerous essays and reports, and three books: Divided Planet: the Ecology of Rich and Poor, Dead Heat: Global Justice and Global Warming, and Greenhouse Development Rights: The Right to Development in a Climate Constrained World.

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