Walter Truett Anderson

Americans Readily Sense the Post-Modern View That We Create Reality With Our Religious Diversity.

Walter Truett Anderson (born February 27, 1933) is a political scientist, social psychologist, and author of numerous non-fiction books and articles in newspapers and magazines.In his public lectures, he frequently speculates that, if we had a history of every advanced species in the universe, we would find that they all had to pass through two large, difficult and unavoidable transitions: (1) accepting conscious responsibility for the future of all life on their planets, and (2) recognizing that their systems of symbolic communication—such as language and mathematics don't merely describe reality, but participate in creating it.Most of his major writing efforts have engaged one or both of these evolutionary themes. His defining statement on the first was To Govern Evolution: Further Adventures of the Political Animal. Its vision of human impacts on Earth's life systems had been foreshadowed in his earlier book on American natural history, A Place of Power: The American Episode in Human Evolution, and was further developed in Evolution Isn't What It Used To Be and All Connected Now. He is now at work on a new book that explores the evolutionary challenges and frontiers of the 21st century

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