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John Irwin

Crime Becomes a Political Focus When More Important Issues Are Too Difficult For the Electorate to Face

Julia and Nathan Hare

Industrial Concepts are Being Applied to Child Rearing and Black Children are Prime Targets

Kathleen Gerson

With Mothers at Work, Their Children are Benefiting

Margaret T. Singer

Regarding Cults, Most People Focus On the Charisma of the Leader, But the Important Concern is the Vulnerability of Each of Us to Influence

Martin Sanchez-Jankowski

Street Gangs Are Primarily Economic Organizations

Paula Bottome

It Is Increasingly Difficult for Couples Over 45 to Marry and Stay Married.

Raphael Ezekiel

Can You Tell, When You are Sitting Next to One, that He is a Neo-Nazi or a Klansman?

Richard E. Williams

Ethnic and Racial Groups Do Not Have a Smooth, Continuous Identity. - An Irish male in America before the Civil War was on the bottom rung