William Domhoff

The Elite Who Rule America Believe That Wealth and Power Are Rewards for Their Competence

George William (BillDomhoff (born August 6, 1936)

is a research professor in psychology and sociology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. His first book, Who Rules America?, was a 1960s bestseller arguing that the United States is dominated by an elite ownership class, both politically and economically.

He was born in Youngstown, Ohio, the son of George William and Helen S. (Cornett) Domhoff. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Duke University, a Master of Arts in Psychology at Kent State University, and a Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Miami.

In the early 1960s, Domhoff was an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Los Angeles State College. In 1965, he became an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Cowell College, Santa Cruz, where he is now Professor of Psychology and Sociology.

His other books in sociology and power structure research include Finding Meaning in Dreams (1996) and The Scientific Study of Dreams (2003).

The University of California, Santa Cruz, hosts Domhoff's blog, which is titled "Who Rules America?"


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