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Academic market

In trying to promote this site I went to the logical medium, theChronicle of Higher Education.  They said ‘tough luck’, we only do news.  I can’t figure out a way to make news except when one of the interviewees dies.

The real problem is that people who are interested in broad knowledge across many disciplines are few and far between and are not organized in the United States into any coherent group or media focus.

The problem is both.  

Aside from my readers, there are probably only a few people who have a broad intellectual curiosity and the ability to search for that knowledge.    Maybe thousands or a few tens of thousands.  A tiny community.

Am I wrong?  Am I drawing the wrong conclusion from my experience?

Is there really a large group of people who are intellectually curious, intelligent enough to pursue academic level information and looking for an accessible source?  If so, can they be reached by any marketing approach, new or old?