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Gustav Ranis

Taiwan Became a Rich Nation Because Farmers Stayed on Their Farms

Heather M. Sutherland

Canadians Appreciate Immigrants, We Don't

Irma Adelman

To Change From a Developing Agrarian Nation into a Newly Industrial Country Requires That Farmers Be Consumers of Domestic Industrial Output.

Irving L. Howe

Genocide is a Creation of the State --- It is the Secularization of Death

James Clifford

Most Cultures Borrow From Each Other While They Interact

James Rosenau

The Same Forces That Led To The Breakup Of The Soviet Union Are Creating Problems In Somalia, The Former Yugoslavia And Liberia

Kazuo Takahashi

Developing Countries Often Have Fragile Societies

Kenneth Jowitt

The Post-Cold War World Has Frontier Qualities. Nation States and National Boundaries Are Disappearing Rapidly From Liberia, Somalia and Serbia to Russia and, Possibly, China