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Bill Porter

After 5,000 Years The Hermit Tradition Is Alive and Vigorous in 20th Century China, Supported By Villagers and Teaching Tao and Zen To Visitors

Burton Mack

In Galilee During Jesus' Life, The Influence of Greek Cynics Was Probably Greater Than Jewish Influence

Calvin Morris

Martin Luther King Jr. Derived His Leadership From the Core Tradition of the Black Baptist Church

Carl Casebolt

The Environmental Movement Isn't Large Enough to Have Sufficient Political Effect

Daniel Callahan

Our Society Is Constantly Converting Private Behaviors Into Public Issues

David Tracy

The Potential of Each Person to Be an Extremist Can Be Used to Help Us Understand Other Peoples' Extremism

Don Conroy

To Save the Environment, We Need New Religious Symbols

Elaine Pagels

Satan in the Old Testament Was an Angel Who Played the Role of Skeptic. The New Testament Satan is an Evil Force.