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Claude S. Fischer

The Idea That Technology Is a Driving Force in Shaping Social Behavior Is Wrong Based on the History of the Telephone. In 1909 AT&T Advertised the New Telephone "Highway".- Early forecasts about the phone match current exaggerated forcasts about the internet

David B. Morris

The Discovery of Ether as a Surgical Anesthetic in 1846 Has Altered Our View of Life

George McRobie

Soil and Science Are an Explosive Mixture

Gerald Holton

Einstein Made An Arbitrary Assumption That the Speed of Light Was Constant

Henry I. Miller

To Deal With The Risks of Biotechnology We Need Research That Targets The Highest Type of Risk in Each Specific New Plant and Animal Product

Hubert Dreyfus

The Widely Touted Idea of Artificial Intelligence in Computers Is a Misconception

Iain Boal

The Modern Mega-Machine That Threatens Our Survival Is Propelled By Metaphors in Science and Technology.

Jerry Glenn

Technology Is Increasing Our Awareness and Acceptance of Social Diversity