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Bernard Foure

There Is a Distinct Structure To The Academic and Civil Dialogues Of Our Era And We Are Capable Of Discerning It

Bernard J. Frieden

Downtown Cities Were Nearly Destroyed in the 1950's By the Metaphors of Slums as Cancer and Surgical Renewal.

Bernard Williams

Much of Our Moral Life and Sense of Justice Derives From the Experiences of Shame and Guilt

Bill Porter

After 5,000 Years The Hermit Tradition Is Alive and Vigorous in 20th Century China, Supported By Villagers and Teaching Tao and Zen To Visitors

Bonnie Loyd

The Landscape Humans Inhabit Reflects Our Unconscious Social Practices

Brian Arthur

Traditional economics may no longer be relevant to the contemporary business environment.

Burton Mack

In Galilee During Jesus' Life, The Influence of Greek Cynics Was Probably Greater Than Jewish Influence

Calvin Morris

Martin Luther King Jr. Derived His Leadership From the Core Tradition of the Black Baptist Church