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Clare Cooper Marcus

We Are Far Behind Scandinavia in Housing For Single Parents

Claude S. Fischer

The Idea That Technology Is a Driving Force in Shaping Social Behavior Is Wrong Based on the History of the Telephone. In 1909 AT&T Advertised the New Telephone "Highway".- Early forecasts about the phone match current exaggerated forcasts about the internet

Clifford Cobb

Classical Economics is Based on Assumptions About a System in Equilibrium. We Live in an Economic System That is in Disequilibrium

Clifford Geertz

In Today's World, the Natives Read Books Written About Them.

Daniel Bell

The Social Role of Economics Has Decreased Significantly in the Past 50 Years.

Daniel Callahan

Our Society Is Constantly Converting Private Behaviors Into Public Issues

Daniel Yergin

The History of Oil and the History of the 20th Century Are Very Similar and Intertwined

Darlene Cohen

Efforts to Ignore Pain and to Cover it with Distraction Are Counter -Productive, and So Is the New Age Motif of "Accepting" It