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Lawrence M. Friedman

The Law Is Continually Adapting to the Values of Contemporary Society. Sometimes Rapidly, Sometimes Slowly

Lee Coleman

Mental Health Experts in the Courtroom Have Perpetrated Greater Punishments On Many Defendants and Convicted Innocent Citizens

Maggie Rubenstein

Since the Kinsey Reports Nearly Fifty Years Ago, There Has Been a Significant Increase in Our Professional and Popular Knowledge of Sexuality, But Very Little Change in Practice

Margo Adair

American Cultural Norms Cause Individuals To Filter Out That Which is Most Meaningful -- Leaving Alientation Fragmentation.

Margo St. James

Society Punishes Prostitutes As A Warning to All Women Who Act Independently

Mary Catherine Bateson

Many People Compose Their Lives Like a Musician Composes a Symphony.

Michael Walzer

There Have Been Empires of Great Toleration, Roman, Persian, Ottoman, With Geographic Separation Between Religio-Ethnic Groups. Today Groups Intertwine and Toleration Applies to Individual Differences

Paul Robinson

For the Last Twenty Years the Nature of Childhood Sexuality Has Been Denied in America. Children Are Very Sexual