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Gail Pheterson

Society Punishes Prostitutes As A Warning to All Women Who Act Independently

Gary Delgado

It Is Frivolous to Consider the End of Affirmative Action -- Basic Protection Against Racial Discrimination Has Not Been Enforced in Housing or Work

Helen Fisher

Cross-Cultural Studies and Animal Behavior Studies Suggest That Human Couples Are Most Likely To Break Up After Four Years

Jeffrey Alexander

Civil Society' is Returning to the Center of Discussion in the United States and Displacing 'Economic Man'

Jennifer James

Sentimentality Can Be Harmful --It Clouds One's Ability to Learn From History Which Makes Understanding the Present Impossible

Joel Achenbach

There Are More Books Of Trivial Lists and One Sentence Wisdom Than Ever Before

Judy Heumann

Many People Prefer Death to Disability

Kate Bornstein

The Bi-Polar Classification of Gender Based on the Biology of Genitals is on the Way Out.