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Peter Schwartz

Social Change, Like Evolutionary Change, Occurs Rapidly but Rarely

Rachel Bagby

The Notions of Community and Diversity Have Different Origins That Are Obscured By Careless Use of The Term Community

Richard Lichtman

Psychology Has Many Ideas That Need to Be Integrated Into Marxist Theory Such As The Defense Mechanism

Robert Bellah

Managing Money Should Not Be the Same as Managing People.

Ronald Siegel

Paranoia Can Be Found in Everyone in Various Degrees and It Is Communicable Like Coughing and Scratching

Todd Gitlin

Each Person's Generation Shapes His or Her Perspective on the Current World

Tony Nelessen

Many Towns and Neighborhoods are Using Simple Democratic Practices to Choose Their Zoning Plans with Successful Outcomes

Tony Oettinger

Many parts of the Information Society Are Very Slow to Change