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Aaron Wildavsky

Nothing is Safe; The Concept of Safety Covers a Large Continuum

Albert Greenberg

Television and Suburban Life Are Stealing the Personal Stories of Most Americans

Barbara Phillips

A City Is Always Described From a Highly Personal Viewpoint

Earl Shorris

The Concept of 'Macho' as Used in Aztec Society Has Parallels to 'Virtue' as Used in Renaissance Europe

Gerald Weissmann

There Are Intelligent Ways to Deal With Social Problems of Unknown Causes, Such as Crime

Irving Horowitz

How Do We Explain the Nature of Recent Genocides? What Has Everyone Missed?

Joel Garraeu

The Metropolis of America Has Taken a New Edge-City Form in the Past Twenty Years: a Core Surrounded by a Circle of Smaller Cities.

John Brown Childs

The Multi-cultural Idea Is Preferable To The Melting Pot But It Is Far Short of the Idea a National Community With Genuine Diversity